Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blogging Rule No.1

Ok, I've already violated the first rule of blogging: do it often - almost every day if you can - even if it's just a short entry.

It's been a month since my last entry, but my April 11 resolution is to do better.

I'll try to make up some posts today and tomorrow.


  1. Let go of you journalistic instincts and let fly with what you feel. That's the beauty of blogging, it allows you to write things that are zany, unfair, unbalanced, insipid, and occasionally inspired. That's the problem with all the blogs here, your's, Dawn's, John's, etc... you guys never say anything anyone can argue with. BORING!!! If you're gonna blog news then post some links and fill the rest with your opinion dammit. God do I have to teach you everything? :)

  2. Lequino: Thanks for the comments. But let me give you a little blog education. Not all blogs are of the firebomb variety. Many bloggers are the guys who used to write graffiti on the bathroom walls. Now they can write it on the Internet and everyone can see it. And yes, they do stir something up and some may draw an audience.

    But there are blogs that can provide inside information about an issue. A blog can share information about a story that wasn't in the paper. A blog can be for laughs. Many blogs speicialize in an area. A blog can be about a person's interests. A blog can and should be much more than molotov cocktails thrown into the world of online.

    And unfortunately, when you are with the newspaper or the president of WT or someone else who does a blog, you're not in a position to write just whatever you think. The Internet world needs more journalistic standards, not less.

    The bottom line is there are many other types of blogs than the atomic bomb variety. I thought you would have known that. Do I have to teach you everything? :)