Saturday, April 11, 2009

Best coverage of the Masters Tournament

I was fortunate enough to start my newspaper career in Augusta, Ga., which is the home of the Masters Tournament.

Outside the Kentucky Derby, it is the only major sporting event that is held in the same location each year. It transforms Augusta into the golf headquarters of the world for one week each spring.

The newspaper in Augusta - The Augusta Chronicle - covers the event better than anyone else. It's owned by the same company that owns the Amarillo Globe-News. When I joined the newspaper in 1987, the newspaper covered the event mainly as a sports department event.

But as the event continued to grow, it became something that the entire newsroom would cover. There is absolutely nothing that happens either on the golf course or in Augusta during the week that The Chronicle doesn't cover.

Jim Nantz of CBS Sports mentioned what a great job The Chronicle does covering the tournament when he was talking about a "diary" that one of the players - Oliver Wilson - is doing for the newspaper this week.

If you want the best coverage of the Masters, be sure to visit the newspaper's web site for the tournament:

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