Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another person who has stayed too long

One of my first blog postings was about how out of place Helen Thomas seemed at one of the president's press conferences.

She asks some unusual and irrelevant questions. And overall, it was kind of sad.

Well, I've got someone to add to the list of stayed beyond his time: CNN's Larry King.

I watched him do an interview the other night with some celebrity and it was painful.

Larry King: Do you Twitter?

Celebrity: Not yet, but I'm going to.

Larry King: Do you Tweet?

Celebrity: (Who didn't really seem to know a Tweet from a rotary phone): Well, I'll try anything Larry.

Larry King: Do you Twitter? (obviously forgetting that he had asked the same question just seconds before...).

I remember Larry King from his days on radio when he would interview people late at night on the radio. He was interesting and knew the questions to ask.

But not anymore. Watching him is like watching a Saturday Night Live parody of his show.

Larry King, please join Helen Thomas in retirement....

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  1. Hmmmm......telling someone they've been around too long. Sort of the pot calling the kettle black there, Les. Wouldn't you say?