Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great tournament, sad ending for Perry, Campbell

This Masters was about as exciting as any in the last few years. It was the first time since 1988 that a playoff had three golfers.

But ultimately, the two the crowd wanted to win the most - Chad Campbell and Kenny Perry - couldn't pull it off. Instead the title went to Argentinian Angel Cabrera.

This Masters will be one to remember for several reasons:

1. Chad Campbell starting off the tournament with a record five birdies in a row.

2. First timer Andrew Kim fired off 11 birdies on Friday, a course record.

3. Tiger and Phil were in the same pairing on Sunday - but it wasn't the last one. However, they both still fought back and were it not for a bad decision on 12, Phil might have won or at least been in the playoff. The shot in the water took the wind out of his sails.

4. The biggest surprise is that not one but two players hit a tree on 18. I don't recall seeing many players actually hitting a tree on the PGA Tour. Tiger did it Sunday as did Cabrera, who lucked out when his ball came back into the fairway on the first playoff hole.

5. The sentimental favorite had to be Kenny Perry, who would have been the oldest player to ever win a major. He's perhaps the nicest guy on the tour and graceful even in defeat.
6. It was the last tournament for Gary Player, which is really the official end of the last generation of golf. But even in his last tournament, he never broke 80, a mark he was proud of.

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