Friday, February 13, 2009

In the media: Helen Thomas vs. Bill O'Reilly

President Obama's first press conference created some stir in the media business when long-time White House press corps member Helen Thomas was on the front row and asking questions.

When called upon, she didn't ask about the economic conditions, but instead wondered if Pakistan is hiding terrorists and if President Obama knew if any Middle Eastern countries had nuclear weapons. Not exactly hard hitting questions. Most probably already know the answers to both questions.

I felt a little sorry for Helen Thomas.

But Bill O'Reilly didn't. He said she was the "Wicked Witch of the East" and that if Obama had poured water on her, she would have dissolved.

While O'Reilly gets the ratings, he needs a filter on occasion, and this was probably one of them.

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  1. Yes, I would like for people to follow up on the killing that took place in the Muslim community myself.
    Shariah Comes to Buffalo, New York?
    You can find this in the ACT For America web site.