Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amarillo.com: Best source for breaking local news

When newspapers first went on the Internet, their solution was to put the stories from that day's newspaper online, thinking that is all that needed to be done.

But one of the real benefits of the Internet for newspapers is that we can tell the story much sooner. If you are a frequent viewer to our web site amarillo.com, you may have noticed a much greater effort to post breaking news stories in the last month.

From accidents involving school buses to the latest on the economic crisis (and solutions), the news staff has done a great job of updating our website with the latest news.

Likewise, we can post links to past stories and information to give you a perspective on a current story, like we did with a major trial in our community last week.

We have the largest group of reporters and editors gathering news in Amarillo and there's no need to wait for the evening news to find out what's going. Most significant news stories are now broken on amarillo.com, almost immediately.

And more people are using it. In January, there were 295,000 "unique users" who visited the web site resulting in more than 4.2 million page views. That's up from 235,000 unique users and 3.6 million page views a year ago.

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