Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Of McNuggets and Mensa

A couple of funny items in the news today: one national story and the other is a local column by Jon Mark Beilue.

A Florida woman called 911 three times to report that McDonald's refused to give her a refund on her McNuggets. Seems they had run out of the chicken staple. The three calls are on YouTube.

It's difficult to determine the strangest part of this story: 1. That the woman would call 911. 2. That McDonald's didn't refund the money. 3. That 911 actually took the call seriously. 4. That a McDonald's would ever be out of McNuggets!

Jon Mark Beilue's follow-up column on the results of his Mensa exam was funny as well. Jon Mark took the exam about a month ago and wrote a column on his experience.

I had to talk to Jon Mark after the first column because he had an error in it.

"Jon Mark, I really enjoyed your column," I said. "Very funny, as usual."

Jon Mark replied: "Thanks boss. You know, you are very funny as well ... and smart and ... a nice person ... and..."

"OK, Jon Mark, I know. You say that every time we talk. But the real reason I wanted to talk with you is because at the end of your column, there's a slight mistake."

"Really," Jon Mark replied, a little puzzled.

"You said 'At least the newspaper is reimbursing my $40 (to take the test)'," I noted. "The deal is you get paid only if you pass the Mensa test. You know, times are tough in the newspaper business and we can't blow $40 unless we get some benefit out of it. No Mensa, no money."


"But don't worry," I said, "We can just deduct it from your next paycheck, with a little interest."

Jon Mark then walked off, mumbling something about getting reimbursed through the federal government's stimulus package.

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  1. I did not realize you had such a dry sense of humor, Les. Thanks for starting off my morning with a chuckle. Bob Corder