Friday, January 8, 2010

Only 238 days to kickoff

Last night's BCS National Championship was an absolute letdown to what had been an above-average bowl season and a below-average regular system.

There weren't many highlights for either team in last night's contest.

Colt McCoy went out on the fifth snap of the game and the backup quarterback just couldn't get it going, despite a pretty good second half.

But the most disappointing part of the game is when Alabama chose to run up the score with less than two minutes left. That was a classless, "Leech-esque" kind of move.

And my goodness, did someone tell Nick Saban his team WON the game? He looks like it would kill him to smile.

College football is the best sport, period. No other sport brings the passion and excitement of college football. Too bad last night's game didn't show this.

But the good new: only 238 days until the 2010 season begins. Let the countdown begin!

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