Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Garage sales and more

Our friends from the Panorama newspaper are back home now. They left the Ambassador Hotel around 8 a.m. Sunday morning and made it back to Sumy somewhere around 1 a.m. local time Tuesday morning.

They lost 8 hours on the return trip and the minivan that was to take them on the four-hour drive back to Sumy was about two hours late. It was a journey of more than 30 hours when their heads hit the pillows at home.

Saturday was a full day of shopping. It started out with garage sales. Ukraine has flea markets, but apparently not garage sales.

We went to three and I think our group bought something at every one of them. The purchases ranges from a power converter - which can be used in the US and Ukraine - to a set of Texas Motor Speedway pillows!
The rest of the day included visits to Westgate Mall, Best Buy (where two cameras were purchased at half the price it would cost in Ukraine) and, yes, Wal-Mart.
Saturday night was a farewell dinner with the newspaper staff at Macaroni Joe's.
Thanks to everyone in the community and at the newspaper for making this happen for them. I'll touch on who helped in my next post.

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