Thursday, July 30, 2009

A late night in the Palo Duro Canyon

No trip to the Panhandle is complete without going to the Palo Duro Canyon to see the outdoor musical "Texas."

And there's nothing like a thunderstorm to make the experience totally complete.

Wednesday night's storm in the canyon, which lasted about 30 minutes, wasn't as severe as the night before, when the amphitheater was flooded to the fourth row. But it was still quite an experience.

Gusts before the storm below part of the set down and within minutes, the performance stopped while the storm came through.

The musical resumed after about 30 minutes and the performance was great, as usual.

A tradition at "Texas" is to award a triangle used to call the cowboys to dinner to those who traveled the longest distance to see the performance.

In 44 years, we were told, no one from the Continental United States has won. And Wednesday night wasn't an exception. The Panorama staff and their translators each received one for their 7,000 mile journey.

The only problem, I later learned, was that there was someone in the audience from Moscow.

The staff at Texas also gave her a triangle, but didn't recognize her at the intermission like our Ukrainian visitors.

When I told them about this, I think they were quite pleased because it's not often, I said, that Ukraine wins something over Moscow and Russia! It was a good night, even with the rain.

Executive Director and "Texas" Producer Bill Anderson gave a great back stage tour and introduced some of the cast to our guests.

Also, they were the first visitors from Sumy and Kyiv to see "Texas," so they were able to put a pin on those two cities on the map in the courtyard of amphitheater.

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