Saturday, April 11, 2009

Regular guys on the PGA Tour

In the world of Tiger Woods, there are some regular guys on the tour.

One of them is Boo Weekley, who is from North Florida and has the prototypical southern accent.

One of my favorite memories of the Masters happened in 1996. I was about to move from Augusta to Athens during the week after the Masters. So on Saturday night of the tournament, we ordered takeout from Cracker Barrel. It was near our house and we had packed kitchen utensils and our food.

While at Cracker Barrel, out of the restaurant comes a golfer named Duffy Waldorf. Like Boo Weekley, Duffy was a regular guy. He'd wear some non-traditional golf shirts (like the one shown in the photo).

He had his small kids and his wife with him, so instead of going to some high-brow restaurant, he took the family to CB. And on top of that, he was among the leaders going into Sunday's final round and finished tied for 5th.

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