Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to watch a golf tournament in person?

There are several ways to watch a golf tournament in person. I knew a few people in Augusta who would rather go home and watch Sunday at the Masters than see it in person because you could see so much more on television.

Here are several strategies:

1. Sit on one hole: You can arrive early and stake out a spot on a good hole. At Augusta National, you can see a lot of action on 7 green, 12 tee and 15 green and, of course, 18 green. The problem with staking out one hole is there might not be any action on that hole. One year, I stayed on the 15th at Augusta National on Sunday and saw only one pivotal shot. This isn't a real good strategy.

2. Follow the leaders: You can follow the leaders on the final pairing - along with thousands of others. I tried this one year when Tiger Woods was in the final pairing with Chris DiMarco on Saturday. After five holes, I gave up. To stay with a throng following Tiger is almost impossible. In fact, you could get trampled.

3. Stay just ahead of the leaders: This is the best strategy. Go to Hole No. 1 for the last six to seven pairings and watch them play through. When you arrive, there are usually good seats left. The hole fills up as it gets closer to the last pairing. Once the leaders play through, head to hole No. 7 and do the same. Then you might head to 13 and end up at 18. Staying ahead of the final few pairings is the best strategy and you'll get to see the most action.

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