Monday, March 2, 2009

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow ... will close Amarillo schools

An early March winter storm is causing problems along the East Coast and especially the South, where spring - not snow - usually comes around the first of March.

In Georgia, winter is usually over by March 1. In Amarillo, it's more like May 1 - or even later when it might snow.

Most North Georgia schools were closed today, but the interesting news is that schools closed in areas that didn't receive any snow at all. But the threat of winter weather sends most people in the deep South into panic mode. Milk and bread are nowhere to be found a few hours after the first mention of any frozen precipitation.

But not so in Amarillo. In the last seven school years, I recall Amarillo ISD only closing once - and that was as much for cold temperatures in combination with the snow.

One thing that doesn't intimidate my friend Rod Schroder is the weather.

The first time my kids saw snow here they began chanting: "No School! No School!" They soon found out that doesn't happen much around here.

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