Monday, February 23, 2009

A well deserved tribute

Lance Lahnert's column today was a tribute to two individuals: Bowie Middle School wrestling coach Victor Henning (left in photo) and Amarillo Globe-News writer Bruce Beck.

Lance did a wonderful job - as usual - of telling how the wrestling coach used Bruce's battle against cancer to inspire his team - both on the mat and in "real" life.

I don't personally know the coach, but if he's half the person of Bruce Beck, he's a heck of an individual.

For quite a few years, Bruce has reported on the part of our lives that matter most: our kids and our community.

While many may enter into the world of journalism to uncover the next Watergate, Bruce was content in making sure middle school students and many others received much deserved recognition in the newspaper.
I would say there are more stories from Bruce Beck in area school and church bulletin boards than any other Globe-News reporter.

What Bruce does is what journalism is really about. Connecting and reporting on a community, at the grass roots level.

Bruce is still fighting against cancer and we should continue to pray for him - as many in the community have been doing for quite some time.

If optimism and a great attitude can help defeat this disease - and I think it plays a role - Bruce will continue to help chronicle what's really important for us for a while to come.

And we'll all be better off because of him.

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