Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook: Hip a year ago. For old fogies now?

There's the old adage about how one dog year is equal to seven human years.

In the online space, one year might be equal to a generation.

Take a look at Facebook. A year ago, it was generally for college students or for those living in college towns. While MySpace was for middle schoolers and some high schoolers, Facebook gained its numbers on the backs of college kids (and their professors).

Now there are more than 100 million users, including our mothers and grandmothers. My oldest daughter says it "creeps her out" when her grandmother leaves a comment on her page.

One of my former college professors who still has a typewriter on his desk has a Facebook page (It's really more like his fan club and I think he enjoys that part of it.)

The most read story on Time magazine's web site today: Why Facebook is for Old Fogies?

My question is where are the college students going next. I think they will tire of having the old fogies around.

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